"She quickly picked up the threads of what was required. Working with the minimum of supervision Karen got on with delivering a number of key tasks, liaising with a range of key contacts internally and externally"
Paul Leo
Interim CEO
"Karen now effectively acts as Chief Operating Officer for the business, liaising with other advisers to CBC in order to get the best out of everyone, including me. Karen is a key player – we would not be without her."
Michael Clark
CBC Pension Services
“Karen has brought order, process, discipline and challenge to Salentis UK. She manages all operational aspects of client projects (from onboarding associates, tracking the projects to invoicing) leaving me free to concentrate on delivery and business development. She is a trusted member of the team and that has allowed me to get back my life knowing that everything is ticking along without me when I'm away Salentis UK now has the capacity to deal with more business and generate greater turnover”
Richard Haldenby
COO, Salentis International
"Karen’s insights that have enabled us to grow at a much faster pace than we expected. In particular, through workshops she conducted with us and the development of a detailed marketing plan Karen was able to prioritise the most effective methods of business development using the limited human capital at our disposal."
Maria Ensabella
Business owner
‘Karen has a natural talent to pull out every stage of your workflows (even some you forgot you did!), and make helpful strategic recommendations for improvement. Her insights have given me a great deal of value and clear opportunities for me to scale and grow my business."
Natalie Chappell
LinkedIn consultancy
"Karen is friendly, positive and her real world experience has been invaluable in getting buy-in from the Directors. She really has been awesome to work with and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough!"
Ryan James
Marketing Director | nFocus

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