Operations support

What would you do if you could have back 40 hours a month? 

Typically, my clients have only needed my support to manage their operations for around four days a month.

With my experience in running the operations side for consultancy businesses, I know exactly what needs to be done and I can achieve a lot in a very short time, making me a very cost-effective alternative to having to recruit and train someone with less experience.

I deliberately only work with a maximum of four clients at one time. This is to ensure I give you the best level of service possible. As your business grows, you are likely to need your own team. Typically this is at around 18 months after I have started working with you. At that point I will help you transition to that team. You will have fully documented processes and systems in place and I help recruit and train your new team ready for your next growth stage.

And suddenly you have 30 to 40 extra hours back each month

There are three main options that I offer:

Essential Prime Premium
What is included Back office ops support Back office plus either
marketing or HR support
Back office plus marketing
and HR support
Developing process and systems
Running your project back office
Marketing Support Option One
HR Support Option two

Services Explained

Developing process and systems

Developing process and systems to create the most efficient operational activities

Implementation (alongside development)

Along with the development of the processes, I’ll get to work immediately so that we start making efficiency gains as soon as possible.

Examples include implementing Eversign to electronically sign documents that are used time and again. I create templates and manage the process. It eliminates version control, provides a clear audit trail and can reduce the time for all parties to sign down to minutes from days .

Running your project back office

I will manage the Associates, Projects and Project Finance tracking for you.

Activities could include:
– Onboarding new associates with all the relevant paperwork and induction
– Working with the delivery team to resource projects
– Assigning associates to projects and carrying out onboarding activities required to get them on site
– Setting up the project tracking e.g., using Harvest project tracking software
– Creating and issuing task orders to associates
– Tracking hours/budget on projects (and reporting back to delivery managers to ensure the project is on track)
– Managing associate timesheets
– Tracking associate invoices
– Creating and issuing client invoices (and tracking payment)
– Managing project close-down activities
– Ongoing liaison with associates
– Handling client enquiries for new projects

Option 1 Marketing support

The support I can give will depend on your needs but could include:

– Review of marketing messaging
– Writing comms strategy
– Development and implementation of comms strategy
– Website revamp – writing of website spec, sourcing designers, project managing the build
– Event planning (for clients/associates)
– Marketing copy e.g., monthly newsletter

Option 2 HR support

I am not an HR guru but I am able to provide support around the key HR processes such as:

Managing the recruitment process for associates and/or employees

– sourcing resources
– recruitment (to clearly defined standards)
– interviews
– onboarding

Co-ordinating reviews and objective setting

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