Taking care of your operations so you can take care of your clients

Ops management for consultancies wanting to scale and grow

Reclaim 40 hours a month so you can create the success your business deserves

Increase your capacity

Get back to doing what you do best

Grow your business

Does this sound like you?

You’re a director of a business that delivers projects to corporate businesses.

You typically put in a team of people so you’re using associates.

You’ve probably been established for around 12-18 months and landed a few contracts.

Things are going well!

But there’s a problem…

You’re close to, if not already at, full capacity and if you take on one more project, you’re worried the wheels could come off.

Also, you’re busy juggling client delivery and business development whilst trying to manage all the back-office aspects of delivering projects..

Intro to the Ops Department

Does trying to manage all aspects of your business leave you feeling frustrated that:

Building your business shouldn't be so hard

You deserve to grow your business AND keep your sanity
“Karen has brought order, process, discipline and challenge to Salentis UK. She manages all operational aspects of client projects (from onboarding associates, tracking the projects to invoicing) leaving me free to concentrate on delivery and business development. She is a trusted member of the team and that has allowed me to get back my life knowing that everything is ticking along without me when I'm away.
Salentis UK now has the capacity to deal with more business and generate greater turnover”
Richard Haldenby
COO, Salentis International

You can have a thriving consultancy business without compromising on excellence

Here's what that could look like:

I can help you deliver great service to your clients and grow your business

Here's how it works

1. Scope

Let’s look at where you’re at, where you want to be and what it’ll take to get there. With a wealth of experience in handling operations for consultancy businesses, I truly understand what systems and support will fuel your growth.

2. Implement

Once we’ve identified the areas of your business that need managing, I’ll get to work implementing the systems, processes & operational activities that’ll allow you to focus on delivering a quality service to many more clients.

3. Grow

With renewed energy and a sense of control, you can breathe again. You’ll have the ongoing support of someone who’s got your back and the capacity to create the success and growth that your business deserves.

“Karen is friendly, positive and her real world experience has been invaluable in getting buy-in from the Directors. She really has been awesome to work with and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough!”
Ryan James
Marketing & Client Director, nFocus

Are you ready to level up?

A common mistake businesses can make when they are growing is that they haven’t created the right structure to be ready to grow without falling over.

If you’re ready to build or grow your team, have you got solid systems and processes in place to be able to grow without compromising on quality?

With my Growth Map service I can help you understand what is working or what needs to change in order for you to have a business that works efficiently and has the room to grow.

Take this test to see how efficiently your business is running – it takes less than five minutes to complete and you will get an email with your results on completion.

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